Stored Products Pests

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Stored product pests are found in almost every home or food establishment at some time. Yet few people recognize why stored product pests occur, or how to identify them. Biochem Pest Control find that they are transported into the home from a store or warehouse. Others originate in the home when susceptible items are stored for long periods of time.

Finding the same insect repeatedly in the home is a good indication of a stored product pest problem. Home or Food Establishment Pantry pests are generally more common in kitchen or food storage areas, whereas fabric pests are found more frequently in closets or in rooms with a source of natural fiber, leather, or fur. Location can be deceiving, however.

​For example, some pantry pests infest carcasses of animals such as mice, rats or birds that may have died somewhere in the structure–not just in the pantry. Fabric pests may be found almost anywhere in a home.