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Rats are a real pest, they say when you are in a built up area, you are never 5 metres from one and when they get a whiff of waste, rubbish, leftover food they will be there in a flash and especially near the sea front where there are many restaurants and food places.

Many of our local customers in Havering town centre complain of having a rat pest problem and we have the experience and knowledge to professionally remove a rat infestation from your property or food establishment. We have the best rat removal service Havering has to offer.


Typical Signs you may have a Rat infestation

Simply put, you may see rat droppings and start to smell a strong stale urine smell. Other tell tail signs chewed corners of wood and bitten pieces of plastic.

​If you start to see these then you must get in touch with us at Biochem Pest Control of Havering as soon as possible, as the longer you leave a rat infestation, the more it will grow and become a hindrance to your business or home in the future.

You may also like to know that rats love to gnaw on plastic and wood, if you can see edges that look like they have been chewed then this is another telltale sign. If you run a Food or Drink establishment around Havering, you might see rat runs where rats work themselves from their nest to different areas in the area.

​We regularly service Food Chains and other public facilities in and around Southend-on-Sea using the latest in scientific pesticides.


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Rats – Rattus Norvegicus
Mice – Mus Musculus
Grey Squirrel – Sciurus Carolinensis