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Cockroach Control Essex

Few insects will instil as much abhorrence as the cockroach when found in the home or seen in a place where you may be eating out. We encounter many cockroaches in Essex.

Cockroaches are able to transmit disease at will through in to your home and are known to infest food places such as restaurants and bars, we see many in Essex.

Treatment of cockroach infestations can be tricky. We believe It requires a good understanding of the extent of the infestation of cockroaches, how established the colony is and knowledge of the lifecycle of the particular species of cockroach.

Once we have diagnosed the the extent Biochem Pest Control of Havering can treat the infestation accordingly and get rid of the cockroaches for good.

Biochem Pest Control can provide several visits which maybe required in order to ensure complete eradication of the infestation. We will be keen to establish how an infestation occurred so that adequate measures can be recommended to prevent a recurrence.

Cockroach Removal Essex


German Cockroaches – Blattella germanica
Oriental Cockroaches – Blatta Orientalis