Bed Bugs

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​The Bed Bug is found world wide including throughout Britain. Bed Bug infestations are often associated with dirty premises but clean and well run establishments can become infested as they are often introduced by second-hand furniture or on the clothes and luggage of visitors to Hotels around Havering.

Bed Bugs do not live on people but they will hide in cracks and crevices around sleeping areas. In a typical bedroom or Hotel Room Bed Bugs may be found in the frame of the bed, in the bedside furniture, seams of nearby curtains, behind electrical sockets and switches, behind loose wallpaper or even in clocks and radios.

To treat for Bed Bugs, a thorough and time consuming approach is essential for good control. Rooms have to be dismantled before treatment can begin. So why not give Biochem Pest Control of Havering to diagnose your infestation.

Bed Bug Removal Essex & Lonodn

Bed Bugs

BED BUGS – (Cimex lectularius)