Don’t Panic

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Covering Pest Problems in Essex & London

Pest Control you can trust! We’re here to take control of Pests for you.

Should you be unfortunate to encounter a pest problem here is some information that may be of assistance to you prior to our visit.

Try to prevent access to food stuffs by rodents. Be aware that rats and mice are incontinent – their tails drag through their urine which in turn contaminate surfaces on which they travel. Blocking holes at this early stage maybe the wrong procedure as in the case of rats you may trap a rodent inside the property.

It is advisable not to approach a wasps nest especially in the case of the whole nest being visible i.e. in a shed/garage etc. Where the nest is not visible but wasps can be seen flying to and from the nest entry point, do not block the entry point. If you do this you will trap many wasps inside the building and may cause them to exit through cracks, crevices and light fittings inside the property.

Prior to our visit do not remove furniture, mattresses etc from infested rooms as this may spread the infestation throughout the property.

In the case of German Cockroaches do not remove infested items as this may spread the infestation to other parts of the property.

Prior to our visit remove small items from carpeted areas placing them onto larger pieces of furniture in order that the majority of the carpeted areas are accessible to us.

Prior to our visit all carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed paying particular attention to the edges. The vacuum cleaner should be emptied outside immediately.

Prior to our visit. If the squirrels have taken up residence in the roof space of your property it is advisable not to block any entry points too quickly as you may trap the squirrels inside the roof space.

Common garden black Ants – Do not apply DIY insecticide powder/dust along runs and entry points as this will prevent us applying our professional products when we arrive. Pharaoh’s Ant and other Tropical species – Do not use insecticide sprays or powder/dusts where ants are seen to be running. This will be ineffective and simply spread the ants to other parts of the property.